Darwin vs. creationists is evolving debate

By Terry Scambray

The most important information a culture has is its creation story because from that a culture derives its morality and law.

That’s why it’s disappointing to read George Kauffman assert last week in The Bee that everyone should accept Darwin’s “creation” story because a Quaker, physicist congressman had a House Resolution passed saying that we should!

Professor Kauffman, a man devoted to science, must know that House Resolutions are decorative statements, done to enhance politicians’ résumés. I hope that we could all agree that if members of Congress had to pay the cost to produce such trivia, none would exist.

The truth is that for the last 150 years, slightly below the public’s perception, Darwin’s theory has been mired in controversy, challenged by scientists of every stripe. Here’s why: Animals and plants appear in the fossil record fully formed and remain unchanged through millions of years. No knowledgeable individual denies this.

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Over millions of generations of laboratory testing, fruit flies, as one example, when subjected to genetic changes have not changed into anything but mutated, crippled fruit flies.

So also much the same thing happened with the famous “Galapagos finches” whose average beak size became bigger when the conditions there made it harder to find food due to bad weather. Then when food became more plentiful, the beak size of those finches that survived returned to normal. Thus the finches changed a little, adapted, while remaining fundamentally unchanged. In this way, nature moves back and forth, in cycles, rather than in a permanent upward climb or downward slide.

Such changes as occurred with these finches are sometimes referred to as “evolution in action.” But these infinitesimal changes are not “evolution” in the way that Darwin meant the word…


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