Ducks, beards, and Jesus

by Tiffany Owens

When A&E launched the reality TV show Duck Dynasty four years ago, it gave the program a catchy tagline: “Money. Family. Ducks.” But those who buy a show poster from the Robertson family’s Duck Commander store in West Monroe, La., will notice the slogan is slightly different.

“We X-out ‘money’ and write in ‘faith,’” Alan Robertson, the eldest Robertson son, told The Christian Chronicle.

Now in its third season, the docu-drama continues to draw millions of fans. During its most recent season premiere on Feb. 27, more than 8 million viewers tuned in and ratings skyrocketed. The show follows the Robertson family as it runs its multi-million dollar duck-

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hunting supply business. Company founder Phil Robertson started carving duck callers from a rundown family shed in 1972 and started the business formally in 1973.

But the modified tagline on those posters reveals the tension over how Dynasty’s producers handle the family’s Christianity on air. Alan, who does not appear on the show, said producers continually brush it under the rug, even though it’s a significant part of the Robertsons’ story. Last month, Willie, Phil’s third son, told The Blaze faith is the most important thing in the family’s life…


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