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Is Believing in God Reasonable? Pt. 1: The Cosmological Evidence

by Jim Jackson

Closeup portrait of tensed young manBecause I have received tremendous response from the release of the book and in particular the first chapter which deals with John’s declaration that Jesus created everything that exists, I thought I would post some of my ideas and research in the area of why believing in God makes sense to me. Ready to go deep? Let’s go!

I will present this series in 4 parts over the next few weeks. Feel free to comment! Blessings.

Is believing in ‘God’ reasonable?—part 1

A theist is a person who believes there is a God
An atheist is a person who believes there is no God (a-theist—“a” is a negation of theism)
An antitheist does not believe that theistic thinking is rational or reasonable

What does the evidence suggest?

The Cosmological Evidence
(what can we deduce from the things that exist?)

The things that exist give strong evidence for a creator.
Why is there something rather than nothing?
We know that something cannot be created by nothing.
We know that the “something” that we have is not self created—which is impossible.

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The 2nd law of Thermodynamics states that ‘the amount of useable energy in the universe is decreasing’ and everything is moving toward increased randomness or entropy, i.e. everything is in a state of winding down tending toward disorder, not improving or even maintaining.

This means there is a constant decrease in useable energy in the universe and could someday lead to Total Heat Death (nothing but cold, dark, lifeless matter) implying that at some point in the past Someone or Something had to make the matter and give energy to it (Even a “Big Bang” would need a “Big Banger”!)

The 1st law of Thermodynamics is often stated ‘Energy can be neither created or destroyed’ and is used by atheists to say that the universe is eternal and there is no need for a God. A more accurate way of stating this law of conservation is ‘The amount of actual energy in the universe remains constant’. This says nothing about how the energy came to be in the universe.

This does not prove or disprove the idea that God at some point in past or future history did or could add energy to the universe but only that we do not observe any actual energy being added or leaving our universe at this point. This is also why the 2nd law does not contradict the 1st law but amplifies it…


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