Is Believing in God Reasonable? Pt. 5: The Biblical Creation Evidence

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Does Evolution or Biblical Creation Best Describe What We Observe?

The debate between the evolutionary process proposed by Darwin and the creation described by the Bible is often thought to be an incompatible debate involving science versus religion or faith. In reality it is not a ‘science versus religion’ debate but ‘science versus science’. This means that it is not a debate of functional operational science but rather of origin science and what system of origin best lines up with the provable laws that we know today. It is therefore helpful to give specific definitions.

Webster’s Dictionary describes science as:

‘Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study and experimentation’.

There are two basic kinds of science—

1. Operation Science—this is the commonly known type of ‘laboratory, test tube’ science. This type of science is primarily unbiased, unpresuppositional and is empirical meaning it deals with the way things operate now; it is testable, repeatable and verifiable. (Law of Gravity, Law of Thermodynamics, etc.)  

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2. Origin Science—this deals with past singular events and is more of a forensic science (looking at physical clues leftover from an event to form a picture of what happened—such as a murder scene). This type of science can be bias and presuppositional because it is speculative rather than empirical (past events cannot be observed nor repeated and must be reconstructed using evidence that remains).

Because we were not present at the creation of the universe, origin science seeks from historical evidence (fossils, astronomy, geological strata, etc.) an answer that best describes the evidence we find. Viewed accurately this way, there is no conflict between debating what the Bible claims to be the beginning of the universe and the theory of evolution. This goes for all other ideas on creation as well (pantheistic, aliens, etc.). It does not matter where the theory of the beginning of the universe comes from (Babylonian Gilgamesh epic, secular college class room, Bible, etc.), all theories are on equal footing until the weight of evidence disqualifies a particular view.

Only unless you disqualify the supernatural before looking at the evidence can the Bible be discredited—a true open minded person makes a judgment based on where the evidence points and not where he/she hope it points—even if the most sensible answer points outside of our material universe.

But such open mindedness is not always the case as we see from leading biology professor and avowed atheist D.M.S. Watson…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsIs Believing in God Reasonable? Pt. 5: The Biblical Creation Evidence – DWJ Blog



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