Mother Nature, who’s your daddy?

Find out why the Big Bang points to the existence of God.

by William Lane Craig and Sean McDowell

Have you ever looked up to the stars at night and asked, “God, are you out there?” It’s natural to wonder whether or not God exists. And yet when thinking about God, the conventional wisdom is that it’s impossible to “prove” His existence and, therefore, if we are going to believe in God, we must rely upon blind faith.

We disagree. While it may not be possible to “prove” the existence of God as you would a geometric theorem, we do believe there are compelling reasons that God exists. Let’s consider one of our favorite arguments, known as the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Don’t let the name intimidate you – the argument is actually simpler than you may think. But when you grasp it, you’ll realize it has a powerful punch!

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Where did the universe come from?

In a well-known joke, a group of atheistic scientists approach God and claim they can do everything he can. “Like what?” asks God. “Like creating human beings,” say the atheists. “Show me,” says God. They say, “Well, we start with some dirt, and then -.” God interrupts, “Wait a second! Get your own dirt!”

Just as a carpenter must use preexisting wood to build a cabinet, so these atheistic scientists relied on preexisting dust to create a human being.

But where did the dust come from? From stars? And where did the stars come from? From the Big Bang? And where did the Big Bang come from? From a quantum vacuum fluctuation? And where did that come from?

This leaves us three options for the source of the universe…


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