The Disciples Were Not Afraid to Worship Jesus (Even Though They Should Have Been)

by J Warner Wallace

The disciples of Jesus were raised in a first century Jewish culture and faith system, so they understood the universally accepted notion that God alone is worthy of our worship. This concept was central to the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 20:3-6) and was repeatedly taught throughout the Jewish scripture (see Deuteronomy 4:35, 6:4, 6:13-16, and 32:39, 2 Samuel 7:22, Isaiah 8:13, and Isaiah 43:10-11). The Old Testament was clear about this truth; Yahweh was the only God the Jews were to love, fear, worship and revere. The authors of the New Testament repeated this message often. Jesus frequently quoted the Jewish scriptures, proclaiming the existence of one God we are to serve and worship (see Matthew 4:10). The New Testament provides us with a number of examples of people trying to worship something or someone other than God, and then being instructed to worship God alone (take a look at Revelation 22:8-9, Acts 10:25-26 and 14:11-15). The disciples,

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like other first century Jewish believers, understood that God alone was to be worshipped. To worship something or someone other than God was to be an idolater, and this violated the first commandment of God.

That’s why it is amazing that from Jesus’ very first appearance on planet earth, He was worshipped as God. The fact that Jesus was worshiped in this way (in a culture that demanded and commanded the worship of God alone) is a powerful evidence of Jesus’ Deity. We either have to believe that thousands upon thousands of eyewitnesses and early believers (all of whom were much closer to Jesus than we are today) were in dangerous rebellion to their cultural and moral law or convinced by their observations Jesus was God…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsThe Disciples Were Not Afraid to Worship Jesus (Even Though They Should Have Been)



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