The Evolution Debate for the Thinking Christian

Blog Series by Tom Gilson

Over at one of my favorite apologetics and critical thinking blogs, Thinking Christian, Tom Gilson has written an excellent series on arguing against evolution. Tom is a gifted writer and speaker whom I’ve had the pleasure and honor of hearing lecture on two occasions; the first at a Ratio Christi symposium, and the second at a breakout session at an apologetics conference. As an active member of The Apologetics Bloggers Alliance who has a heart for evangelism, Tom works tirelessly on his blog (which I can’t recommend enough), and with all of his other ministry work, which includes Campus Crusade and Breakpoint, I honestly don’t know how he does it—but I’m so thankful that he does!

In the following posts, Tom comes through as a voice of reason on the evolution debate and presents an excellent overview and some sound advice on the ‘when, what, hows, and whys’ of arguing against it…

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Evolution for the Thinking ChristianHow Not To Argue Against Evolution  

Evolution for the Thinking ChristianHow To Argue Against Evolution

Evolution for the Thinking ChristianWhy (and Why Not) Argue Against Evolution



God and EvolutionGod and Evolution

Science and Human OriginsScience and Human Origins


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