Why Apologists are Like Peanut M&Ms

by Leslie Keeney

For several months now, I’ve been part of an organization called the Christian Apologetics Alliance. We have a website/blog, Facebook page, and Google+ community with over 700 members. And everything is run by a team of amazing volunteers.

Over the last few months, I’ve started reading the blogs of my fellow apologists (webologists?). What I’ve realized is that Christian apologists are, in many ways, like a bag of Peanut M&Ms. While our center is the same—while we are all committed to the fact that Christianity is consistent, reasonable, and (most importantly) true—our shells come in a variety of different colors. The areas of apologetics that most resonate with our passions and personalities are as individual as our profile pictures.

One of my virtual blogger friends, Melissa Cain Travis has a sight called Science Reason & Faith. (It pains me not to use the Oxford comma when I write the name of her blog, but it’s her blog title and I have to respect that). She writes posts like “Caribbean Reef Squid: A Conundrum for Neo-Darwinism,” and has a very helpful article called “Top Five Myths Christians (and Non-Christians) often believe about Intelligent Design.”

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I’m sure Melissa doesn’t wake up each morning and mutter “Oh drat, I have to write about the double helix today.” This is what she loves. She wades through the research with pleasure because the relationship between science and faith is the passion that God has given her.

I, on the other hand, would walk a mile to avoid reading any statistical research that didn’t have “television viewing habits” in the title.

But let’s get back to the M&M simile. While all apologists can rattle off the essential facts supporting the historicity of the New Testament and the primary arguments for the existence of God (they are, after all, our bread and butter), each of us also has a first love—that one area of philosophy or apologetics that resonates with our souls and for which we would skip dinner…


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