You Can Be An Apologetics Missionary Right Now- and Here’s How!

by Greg West

Q: “Ok, you got me. The title of this blog post sounded intriguing so I clicked on the link. How can I be an apologetics missionary ‘right now’? Don’t I need an apologetics degree from Biola or something? Don’t I need to have multiple degrees in philosophy like William Lane Craig? Or perhaps you’ve found a way to instantly download an apologetics library directly into my brain, sort of like how Neo learned Kung Fu in The Matrix?”

You ask good questions. That’s one thing I really like about you, you ask good questions- and good questions deserve good answers, so I’m going to explain just how you can be an apologetics missionary ‘right now’.

A: Drum roll please… rattatattatattarattatattatattatattat! You can be an apologetics missionary by supporting apologetics missions, which is what we here at The Poached Egg and Ratio Christi are all about.

Q: “Arrrrgggghhhhh! You tricked me. I thought I you were going to give me a great shortcut to being the next C.S. Lewis and now you’re just going to ask me for money, right?”

A: Well, yes and no. The ‘yes’ meaning we need your personal financial support and as many who are willing to help maintain, and more importantly, to expand the global ministry of Ratio Christi and The Poached Egg. The ‘no’ part of my answer is that although we’re asking for your financial support, there are also many other ways to show your support, but first, in this post I’ll make an appeal for financial aspect and then show you how you can help in other ways in my next post.

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As you may or may not know, The Poached Egg (TPE) has officially merged with Ratio Christi (RC) Student Apologetics Alliance (If you were previously unaware of this you can read about it here and here). My ‘official’ title within the RC organization is, ‘International Internet Outreach Director’. I like that title—it has a pretty cool ring to it, don’t you think? But maybe you’re asking, “Does TPE actually have a global platform?”, to which my answer is a resounding, “Yes we do, and it is growing everyday!” To view our live global statistics, go here.

Ratio Christi is also growing. When Rick Schenker took over as president in February 2011, Ratio Christi had student apologetics clubs on 10 college campuses; today, RC has clubs on nearly 100 campuses! TPE is not just an online apologetics resource for RC students and chapter directors, we are also actively engaged in recruiting new students and directors. Even long before this merger took place, more than a few students and directors have discovered RC via TPE and we would like to bring those existing numbers to a much higher level as RC has not even scratched the surface of having a presence on college campuses worldwide. The bottom line is, RC and TPE are committed to fulfilling the great commission by making disciples through apologetics training and evangelism.

When you CLICK HERE to make an online donation, you can make a special donation or you can set up an ongoing monthly donation. No amount is too large or too small. Whether it’s $5 or $500, your donation will make a difference and will help to impact college students in their daily walk with Christ on today’s college campus—an environment that is (and increasingly so) hostile to Christianity and followers of Christ.

In my next post, I’ll show you how you can support apologetics missions in low cost to no cost ways that are virtually effortless, but first, Please prayerfully consider donating, RIGHT NOW!


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