Everyman’s Apologetic

by David Russell

Welcome to another stone, from “Stones from the Stream”. It has been a long while since my last post, to that I apologize. Some major life events have held me back from writing much; needless to say my family of two has grown to that of four. Today I have the distinct honor of writing a review of a recent book I read written by our fellow ThePoachedEgg.net blogger. I will be reviewing Jeff McIniss’s book called “Everyman’s Apologetic”, so those that know me, let’s do what we always do and dive in.

The first thing I noticed when I began to read this book is; this isn’t your normal apologetics book. As I read on I have to say I loved it more and more. I really respect Jeff’s approach. He breaks down the core of apologetics, things you need to know before you begin any argument, such as the nature of truth. I can literally say that this part of the book would really hit home for those that are just getting into apologetics. I mean, anyone should understand the need and nature of truth before advancing to more complex areas of apologetics. I can only wish I had read Jeff’s book before my trek into apologetics began. It took me years and labor to understand these core principles and Jeff puts it in such away a child could grasp it.

Now, before I continue to swell Jeff’s head, I have a few criticisms of the book, only one in content, the rest would be editorial mistakes on the publisher’s side. Jeff seems to place too much emphasis on empiricism. Jeff and I have discussed this so I would be unjust to his position to let it rest without justification. Jeff admitted to me that he could have explained it a little differently, so whatever criticism I had he resolved in the positive. However, because it is a published work, I would just like to make those aware of this. The second would be on the publisher, there were misprint pages, (at least in my copy) and some misspellings.

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Overall, I give Jeff a solid “A” for his approach; one could only see Ravi Zacharias wink in his direction as his approach began to take a more evangelistic style in his apologetic. I definitely can relate to Jeff on a personal level when it came to the chapter called “Is belief in Christianity too narrow?” I personally hate taking off my shoes, however, as I read all I could say to his points was, “Amen”. I love how he put into scope our Ideas of fairness and then say things like “for outside of God’s grace we did not exist” and “none of the pleasures that we receive during life were due to any work or investment we made.”

My Favorite chapter had to be “Manmade-ness”, how Jeff described chance blew my mind. In “Everyman’s Apologetic”, Jeff demonstrated that “chance” must require a deliberate act and how complex chance really is. Jeff was very detailed in his presentation on quantities and relational symbology and he ended the chapter most brilliantly, and I quote:

“If chance is a man made tool under the heading of mathematics, why do we treat it as if it is above us? It is merely a tool created for our use. Why do we ascribe to it the qualities of a creator? Why do we say that this or that could have happened “by chance?” Chance is a tool we use to simplify complex systems and it must have deliberate action to function. It is not an entity capable of creation or any other deliberate act. Yet we have placed chance on a pedestal and ascribed to it amazing abilities. We have used it to bypass a complex creator, a goal for which it was not created.” (Jeff McInnis, p.75)

If you want anymore I suggest you get the book. I would suggest this book to anyone starting off or wanting to get down to basics. “Everyman’s Apologetic” is not only a fun read but also, eye opening!



Everyman's ApologeticEveryman’s Apologetic (Kindle edition only 99 cents!)