Exposing the Spirit of the Age: A Response to the Zeitgeist Movie

by Stephen J Bedard

This is an article that I wrote for the first issue of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics.  It is a response to Zeitgeist, one of the examples of the Jesus myth theory.  Despite how bad this movie is, people are still being disturbed by it.  Hopefully this article will help expose the lies and share the truth.  The footnotes for the quotes can be found in the original article.

The documentary Zeitgeist was released on the Internet in 2007.  It was originally a multimedia performance piece that included live and recorded music accompanying the video.   The documentary by Peter Joseph

has been very popular.  Not only did it win an award at the Activist’s Film Festival, it has also spawned two sequels: Zeitgeist: Appendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.  The original movie is divided into three parts: 1) The Greatest Story Ever Told, which deals with the historical Jesus, 2) All the World’s a Stage, dealing with alternative theories regarding 9/11 and 3) Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain, which deals with the banking industry.  While some people have accepted these radical claims, there have been strong criticism against the movie.  Such concerns are not just from evangelical Christians.  Tim Callahan, from the Skeptics Society, while acknowledging that he accepted some of the claims added: “Unfortunately, this material is liberally — and sloppily — mixed with material that is only partially true and much that is plainly and simply bogus.”

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D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S) was the academic consultant for the first part of the film.  Murdock as written extensively on the Jesus Myth.

She has responded to people’s concerns regarding the accuracy of the claims about Jesus in Zeitgeist by writing an e-book titled The Zeitgeist: Sourcebook.

This essay will respond to the first part of the Zeitgeist movie by interacting with Murdock’s e-book.

Sun Worship

Murdock begins by noting the prevalence of sun worship in ancient religions.  Murdock is correct when she states that the sun was often personified and given its own mythology.  However, there are some unfortunate errors in how this is described.  Murdock makes much of the idea of the Sun of God as the Son of God.

While this may sound good in English being homonyms, it is meaningless in any of the languages that could have influenced the New Testament.

Murdock quotes a fifteenth century Neoplatonic-Christian philosopher named Marsillio Ficino as finding this connection in Plato’s Republic.  This would be a significant discovery…

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