Five reasons to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead

By Gary R. Habermas

“What? Are you serious? Who’d believe this in our modern world? You’d have to think the Gospels are inspired by God or something like that, and they’re a bunch of myths!”

To the contrary, I will assume nothing special about the New Testament writings whatsoever. I will use only the historical information that is accepted as historical by virtually all scholars who have studied this material today-no matter how skeptical or liberal they are. That means, for example, that I will only cite New Testament passages, ones that pass the customary skeptical standards and are recognized as such. Using only these “minimal facts,” I will still maintain that Jesus’ resurrection is the most likely explanation for what we know.

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As a preface to this discussion, scholars very rarely question whether Jesus died due to the practice of crucifixion. In dozens of medical studies, the majority view is that asphyxiation plays the major role here. You don’t have to be a physician. Just know how to nail or tie someone to a structure, with their weight pulling down on their outstretched arms. Further, in ancient records, they broke ankles (to induce asphyxiation), crushed skulls, or stabbed chests simply in order to insure death. A person who was just crucified was hardly capable of convincing his witnesses that he was the risen Savior! In their wounded and sickly condition, they might be alive, but no one would declare them raised in a wonderful new body!

But what can be said about Jesus Christ appearing to his followers after his death?

Consider just the following details that the vast majority of skeptical scholars allow…

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