God Controls the Great

by Joel Settecase

Are 9/11 and the recent Boston Marathon bombings to be taken as signs that America’s days are numbered? This is an important question, and for an clues to the answer, we can look to a parallel situation mentioned in Scripture.

In Isaiah 23, the prophet Isaiah predicts the fall and demise of the commercial city of Tyre.

Tyre was the “kingmaker” of cities back then. The place was a powerhouse. Tyre’s merchants were “princes”–the world’s elite. And yet, here Isaiah is prophesying that Tyre is about to be destroyed.

This would have been as absolutely shocking as if America’s imminent doom were being proclaimed today.

The city-state of Tyre’s commerce was global in its reach, and its economy was booming. Its cultural and financial empire extended out into the known world, earning it the title, “Queen of the Seas.” Yet this economic empire was haughty. Its inhabitants neglected their most-important relationship God, and they paid no mind to accomplishing the purposes of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

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God wanted to use Tyre for his purposes, but they were stiff-necked and stubborn.

So God purposed their destruction. Such utter annihilation could never have come about naturally, because Tyre was preeminent among the coastal trading cities. Everybody loved Tyre and its merchandise. Yet God (that king which needs no kingmaker) decrees that Tyre is going to be destroyed and forgotten for 70 years.

At the end of 70 years, Tyre will be remembered, and it will return to economic prosperity. This time, however, its merchandise and commerce will be used to serve the people of God.

For the people of Isaiah’s time, this was a terrifying warning about the fate of the haughty on earth. For us, it is both a needed reminder that…


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