How Do We (and Our Kids) Know God Is Really There?

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It’s common for RTB to receive book recommendations, manuscripts, and review copies of books. For the most part we’re unable to review them, but now and then someone on staff will spare some time to check out a book that catches their eye.

That’s precisely what happened with Melissa Cain TravisHow Do We Know God Is Really There? (Apologia 2013). In this children’s book, Travis presents big bang cosmology from a biblical perspective. She holds an MA in science and religion from Biola University and a bachelor’s degree in general biology from Campbell University. She is also a Reasons Institute student and certified in Christian apologetics by Biola. Her book is the first in what will become the Young Defenders series, a collection of illustrated storybooks that teach the fundamentals of Christian apologetics to young children.

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At first glance, a few of us on staff were skeptical that the heavy-at-times content (perhaps geared for teens) complemented the illustrations, which seemed geared for elementary-aged kids. But, in keeping with 1 Thessalonians 5:21, we decided to “test all things” by conducting a field report.

The field worker, in this case, was second grader Isabella (age 8). Isabella listened and giggled at some of the pictures. However, she became a bit impatient toward the end of the book (where the content gets heavy), even trying to flip forward to the next page. Still, she enjoyed the story overall and retained the gist of the apologetic points.

From an editorial perspective, I think some of the word choices could have been better—replacing more difficult words for simpler ones. And the story’s timeline was questionable. Thomas and his father accomplish a lot in one hour—from setting up a telescope (no small task), to retrieving a book from somewhere in the house, to engaging in a lengthy conversation about big bang cosmology. But, let’s be real. Editors aren’t the intended audience…

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How Do We Know God Is Really There?How Do We Know God Is Really There?


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