The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

By Rice Broocks

The enormous success of “The Bible” miniseries on The History Channel has left many production houses scrambling to get more movies/shows based on Scripture in production.

The record-setting ratings give the general faith community something to cheer about after several years of disturbing trends: overall decrease in church attendance, an increase in those claiming no religious affiliation, and a perception that religious people are intolerant and out of touch with mainstream values.

In spite of the 11.7 million viewers that tuned into the series finale and the half million DVD units sold within the first week of release, the real question is: do people believe these Bible stories to be fact or fiction?

Are they merely mythological stories that Bronze Age people constructed to communicate their culture and beliefs, or are they historical events that actually happened?

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Remember, plenty of fictional series today get massive audiences like “Iron Man” and “The Walking Dead.” Ratings alone are not enough to validate the stories told in “The Bible.”

Instead, we need to look at the evidence. I believe, and there is a great amount of supporting evidence to verify it, that the stories in the Bible are true.

Just look at the event called Easter, recently celebrated around the world by more than 2 billion people. Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ a nice story that communicates some allegorical message or is (and was) it a true historical event?

Let’s start with the most logical piece of historical evidence: 2,000 years ago a man named Jesus actually lived. Even popular Bible critic Bart Erhman concedes that Jesus indeed lived…

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