Theism? Really?

by Michael C Sherrard

There are many good arguments that have explanatory power to persuade toward theism; however, the one that I particularly find powerful is the Kalam Cosmological argument. I have taught high school for several years and every so often a student will come along who is knowledgeable in their skepticism or full-fledged atheism. This past school year I had a skeptical student that I was particularly fond of. He was very smart and very anti-theistic in terms of a worldview. To my knowledge he has still not fully come to a theistic worldview, however, after several conversations and the help of the Kalam cosmological argument, he is gravitating toward a theistic belief.

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The Kalam argument states that (1) whatever begins to exist has a cause; (2) the universe began to exist; therefore (3) the universe has a cause. The reason I find the Kalam argument so persuasive is that it puts theists and skeptics on common ground when speaking about the origin of the universe. And by skeptic, I really mean one who holds to a naturalistic belief in the origin of the universe.

There are really only two options on the origin of the universe for the skeptic to choose from. (1) Either the universe is eternal and uncaused, or (2) it sprang into existence out of nothing uncaused. The first option is not supported by modern science, and option two puts the skeptic in the awkward position of “maintaining, not merely that the universe exists eternally without explanation, but rather that for no reason at all it magically popped into being out of nothing…

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