Truth Requires God

By Mike Robinson

The gift I would like to give every child is skepticism (atheist Richard Dawkins).

If we don’t know that there is such a person as God, we don’t know the first thing (the most important thing) about ourselves, each other and our world. This is because … the most important truths about us and them, is that we have been created by the Lord, and utterly depend upon him for our continued existence (Alvin Plantinga: Warranted Christian Belief).

The verity that absolute truth exists and that atheism lacks the ontological grounding for truth is an ontological reality. Atheists can know what is true (epistemic explanation: relating to what we know); they can know true from false. Nonetheless, atheism lacks an objective, immutable, and perfect ontic ground to account for objective immutable truths. Additionally, atheism lacks the means for atheists to know that they know immutable truths.

Ens per vernum innotescit (reality is known through the true).

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We are compelled to admit between the thoughts of a terrestrial astronomer and the behavior of matter several light-years away that particular relation we call truth. But this relation has no meaning at all if we try to make it exist between the matter of the star and the astronomer’s brain, considered a lump of matter. The brain may be in all sorts of relations to the stars no doubt: it is in a spatial relation, and a time relation, and a quantitative relation. But to talk of one bit of matter being true about another bit of matter seems to be nonsense (C.S. Lewis: Christian Reflections).

To a consistent atheistic materialist, the concept of immaterial objective truth is nonsensical…

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Truth Requires God



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