Why bad things SHOULD happen to good people

by Ben Perren

Probably the most commonly asked question in youth and even adult apologetics is “If God is real and good, then why does he let bad things happen to good people?” Essentially stating “God should police the happenings in our life, give only good stuff to good people and only bad stuff to bad people.” Basically we have identified this simple fact:


Its a real problem for some people and you can understand the discomfort people face in these situations. Many people who are by our definition good, are trying their best in this world yet still facing horrific and tragic circumstances. Then on the flip side you see people of questionable character making money or getting fame and life then just appears completely unfair! So why doesn’t God do something about it!?!

But this question addresses the wrong thing.

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We can safely assume by this question people generally think “bad stuff shouldn’t happen to good people.” Yet this question never asks- what is a good person? If our definition of good is wrong, we could be arguing a very ignorant point of view. Because no one could dispute that even good people do bad things. Not every person is completely perfect. So the concept of a “good person” is almost certainly a fable, right up there with unicorns, Mayan end of the world prophecies and “easy” childbirth. So who deserves good stuff and who deserves bad stuff?

We can also take from this comment that people believe bad things are in no way linked to behavior and are in fact Gods fault. In fact, by this question you can safely assume people think our life should be a product of God honouring our “character” with little to no regard to our actions. Good people might have decent character, however they can still have bad actions, and therefore will face bad situations, there is simply no way around it. Or does the world want an ignorant God?

I find it incredibly presumptuous and prideful for someone to suggest that bad things SHOULD happen to bad people because they deserve it. Like making some bad mistakes SHOULD position you to receive a lifetime abundance of bad circumstances…

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Why bad things SHOULD happen to good people | benperren



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