Yes Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy, But He Also Spoke Prophetically

by J Warner Wallace

Much has been written about the way Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament prophets. In fact, the New Testament authors often paused to highlight the many aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry that were a direct fulfillment of ancient prophecies related to the Messiah. But while most of us are familiar with Jesus’ prophetic fulfillments, few of us stop to think about Jesus’ own prophetic statements. The ancient Christian theologian Origen (born in the 2nd Century) reported that the Greek writer, Phlegon, was aware of Jesus’ prophetic power:

“Now Phlegon, in the thirteenth or fourteenth book, I think, of his Chronicles, not only ascribed to Jesus a knowledge of future events (although falling into confusion about some things which refer to Peter, as if they referred to Jesus), but also testified that the result corresponded to his predictions.” (Origen, “Origen Against Celsus,”)

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Most of us would have some difficulty recalling the many ways that Jesus had an accurate “knowledge of future events”, even though we may be familiar with the ways Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. So, here are a few to keep in mind…

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Yes Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy, But He Also Spoke Prophetically



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