An Endorsement for The Poached Egg

Greg’s Note: Shortly after posting my latest appeal for financial support for The Poached Egg, which included endorsements from several of my colleagues from the apologetics community, I received an enthusiastic e-mail from another of my fellow apologists, Dave Jenkins, offering his endorsement:

Apologetics is quickly becoming a topic of great interest to Christians, and rightly so. Christians are called to give an answer for the reason for the hope they have, but do so with gentleness and respect. Apologetics is an important field because it helps the Christian learn not just how to speak the Truth in love to the lost, to build up the Church and advance the mission of God, but also helps Christians learn to contend, defend and proclaim the biblical worldview to those opposed to God, His Word and His Son—Jesus Christ.

This is precisely why I am excited about the ministry of The Poached Egg. Through the work of The Poached Egg, Greg West provides the best content from around the world wide web on topics related to apologetics, the Bible, evangelism, ministry, and more—to help Christians learn what a biblical worldview is and how to contend for, defend, and proclaim the Word of God to a world increasingly opposed to Christianity.

The Poached Egg is an invaluable resource deserving of every Christian’s prayerful and financial support. The Poached Egg reaches thousands of people everyday, giving them an opportunity to learn the Word, as well as who Jesus is, and what He has done through His death, burial and resurrection. Every time Greg posts my work or the work of the team at Servants of Grace on The Poached Egg, I not only rejoice to think that many more people are going to come to read the material on our website, but also because the work of so many others from around the Christian Apologetics community is being featured on his site.

Whether you are new to Apologetics or you are a seasoned veteran, The Poached Egg has something for you. This is why I am excited today to heartily recommend The Poached Egg and urge you to financially support this vital work.

By supporting The Poached Egg, you’re supporting the work God is doing in helping believers, seekers, and skeptics alike to learn more about the glorious good news—that Jesus turns sinners into saints, and rebels into servants of His grace. In other words, I cannot think of a greater ministry to financially and prayerfully support than The Poached Egg! -Dave Jenkins (M.A.R. Biblical Studies; M.DIV Professional Ministries, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary); Director of Servants of Grace Ministries, and freelance writer.

Below is a screenshot of a map depicting the global reach of The Poached Egg (click here for a live version). Please note that many of our visitors are located in countries where Christianity is heavily restricted, subject to intense persecution, or is outlawed completely. In these locations, Christians need to be equipped with reasons to believe more than ever, and thanks to today’s modern web technology, international visitors to TPE are able to read it in their own language (Click here for an example: Arabic).

We have an immediate need to reach our minimum goal of $1500 a month to keep me working full time on TPE, so please prayerfully consider giving a special donation or an ongoing monthly donation of and amount by CLICKING HERE to sign up online. I’m so thankful that people are stepping up to support the global ministry of The Poached Egg!


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