Are You Properly Motivated as a Christian Case Maker?

by J Warner Wallace

In one chapter of my book, I take the time to examine the motivations that typically drive people to commit murder. There are only three, and once you understand these motives, the search for a killer is much more focused and purposeful. In a similar way, those of us who identify ourselves as Christian Case Makers are typically driven by a limited number of motivations, and once we understand what is stirring us to action in the first place, we can be more focused and purposeful in our efforts to make the case for the Christian Worldview. I’ve been thinking this week about the different reasons that motivate people to engage in Christian case making:

“Assuasive” Case Making
Some of us examine the evidence simply because we are wrestling with doubt. Many fine Christian case makers began their journey in an effort to assuage their personal fears and concerns. Assurance is often the consequence of evidential certainty, and the search for certainty can be a compelling and worthy motivation for case makers.

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“Preemptive” Case Making
Some of us recognize the challenge facing our young people as they enter a hostile university setting. This challenge can be a great motivator as we seek to prepare our students to respond to common objections. Some of us are, therefore, driven to “inoculate” fellow Christians with the truth in an effort to preempt the influence of the cultural onslaught.

“Defensive” Case Making
Many of us also recognize the danger facing Christianity from within. In an effort to guard Christians from false teaching and the spiritual “fads” that threaten Christian orthodoxy, many of us have taken up the responsibility of guarding the truth. Counter-cult ministries are particularly focused on this commendable goal of Christian case making…

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