Big Bang Cosmology Is Consistent With Scripture?

By Alex Murashko

The scientific belief that everything in the universe came from nothing before there was a “Big Bang,” or a moment of creation, is something that all Christians and scientists can agree on, says a leading Christian apologist. Also, J. Warner Wallace argues that the primary premise of Big Bang Cosmology, that everything came from nothing, is consistent with Scripture.

“There are good scientific reasons to believe, good evidential reasons to believe that all space, time, and matter have a beginning. This idea that everything (space, time, and matter) came from nothing is the foundational premise of Big Bang Cosmology,” Wallace told The Christian Post. “It turns out that the primary proposal is absolutely consistent with what we see in Scripture – that God has created everything from nothing and that moment of Creation is something that I see as having good evidence to support such a thing from Big Bang Cosmology.”

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Wallace, who recently released his book, Cold-Case Christianity, said that there are some churches that have a certain view of the earth or the Creation model and for whatever reason are hesitant to embrace even the notion of Big Bang Cosmology.

“If you boil it down to its essence, it is that everything came from nothing and I think that is a premise that most of us Christians would affirm,” he said. “A Christian view of Creation and Big Bang Cosmology do not conflict.”

Wallace explained that typically, Christians that hold onto a “young earth” model of Creation have a problem with resolving the age of the universe with Big Bang Cosmology because it implies that the universe is billions of years old.

“From my perspective that’s a separate argument,” he said.

“That the universe came from nothing is a point of agreement between Christians and scientists who embrace Big Bang Cosmology. This is one area in which both of us can agree…

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Big Bang Cosmology Is Consistent With Scripture?



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