Evidential Apologetics

by Ryan Cox

The effectiveness of evidential apologetics in theological discussions is considerable. Because logic and reason are the main weapons used by the evidentialist, this form of apologetics has the greatest chance of planting a positive seed in the apologist’s secular counterpart. Any apologist must always be kind and loving toward anybody they are engaging; they must also remain adamant in their stance on the issues being discussed, as well as their general beliefs. Evidential apologetics is an excellent vehicle with which to approach any theological discussion with someone of opposite beliefs.

As a subgenre of classical apologetics, evidential apologetics can be identified by some distinctive characteristics. It is true that “all forms of classical apologetics operate virtually from some evidential basis”.[1]  However, evidential apologetics is less broad in its approach. An apologist engaging in evidential apologetics “will present a case much like

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an attorney would”.[2] Christians often pose to unbelievers that God has placed knowledge of His existence within each of us. Understandably, unbelievers often approach this notion with a great deal of hesitation and suspicion. Even to believers who understand the Gospel message and our well-versed in matters of theology, an obstacle in apologetics is often what comes first: knowledge or belief? More so than hard historical evidence, the evidentialist will greatly rely on human logic and one’s ability to reason to effectively present the claim that the existence of God is both logical and reasonable.

While any Christian apologist will rightly defend their faith with the presupposition of God’s existence, evidentialism does not necessarily have this fact at the forefront of their established argument. One of the things which sets apart evidential apologetics from some of its disciplinary cousins is that evidence for God’s existence can be found and effectively used in absolutely anything…

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