Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

by Daniel Lamb

I recently read a short booklet by John Blanchard called, Evolution: Fact or Fiction? I have recorded notes to make a simpler version of his arguments and ideas. So, I thought I would share those notes with you, and hopefully they may be useful to you.

Evolution: Fact or Fiction?” by John Blanchard


Evolution: “Origination of species by development from earlier forms, not special creation.”

Micro-evolution: The theory that in organisms of the same kind of different characteristics emerge as the result of adaptation to their particular environment.

Macro-evolution: The natural processes produce new species without limitation, and that all species can be traced back to a single common ancestor.

Natural selection: Populations of organisms develop new characteristics in response to ‘selective pressures’ in their environment (more simply, in order to survive) and that when these new characteristics become permanent, new species emerge.

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The fossils should indicate that there were countless transitional stages between the different species. However, the lack of evidence made Darwin realize this was ‘the most obvious and serious objection against the theory [of evolution].’

Since the fossil record was not agreeing with the theory of evolution some evolutionists invented the idea of punctuated equilibrium, which suggests that millions of more or less static years (equilibrium) were occasionally interrupted by worldwide cataclysms (punctuations) that resulted in wholesale extinctions made way for radically new life-forms.

David Kitts, Professor of Geology at the University of Oklahoma said, “Evolution requires intermediate forms between species and palaeontology does not provide them.”

The Cambrian Explosion is a large amount of fossils of highly developed life forms that seem to appear suddenly. However, Cambrian Explosion deals two damaging blows to evolution.

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Evolution: Fact or Fiction?Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

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