How Should I Respond to Religious Pluralism?

by Sarah Abbey

Religious Pluralism has become common in our daily lives. Not only do we live in a religiously diverse nation, one that claims to uphold each individual’s right of choose their faith, we also live in a culture that has adopted the belief that all religions are fundamentally the same.  I’m daily confronted with the reality that many people believe all religions are true, teach the same thing, and lead to the same place.

Yet any serious student of religions will quickly be able to see that religious pluralism as a belief system is contradictory and cannot sustain itself. Religions that make contrary truth claims on everything from the nature of God, the material world, morality, humanity, and eternity cannot be fundamentally the same; it’s impossible. Also, to claim that all religions are equal in their beliefs is to misunderstand and misrepresent the rich variety of religious observance.

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Still, the belief that “all roads lead to Rome” is prevalent and for the Christian poses a unique challenge. How do we communicate what we believe, and why we believe it, in a way that remains true to the message of the Bible and at the same time respects the diverse worldviews that surround us? As I have thought through this question, I believe there are four principles that can help Christians explain their faith graciously in a culture that promotes the worldview of Religious Pluralism. These principles form the acronym DARE:

Dig Deep into God’s Word

Ask Questions

Respond with Respect and Kindness

Expect God’s Truth to both be Resisted and to Bear Fruit

Dig Deep into God’s Word

For Christians, the most important thing we can do in preparation for responding to religious pluralism is to know what the Bible teaches and why we believe its message is true. If we don’t understand what we believe and why, we shouldn’t be surprised when those of differing faiths dismiss our attempt to share our beliefs with them…


How Should I Respond to Religious Pluralism? | Penny of a Thought



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