Introduction to Modern Christian Apologetics

By Joel Furches

In September of 2001 a group of terrorists claiming connections to Islam hijacked and crashed several planes into key locations within the USA. This act had many repercussions, one of these being a kind of reactionary Atheism that has built to epidemic levels.

These so-called “New Atheists” differ from classical atheism in that they are aggressively evangelical and they believe that society can have morality without religion. Their argument is that religion promotes blind, irrational belief, and that such belief has led to the majority of atrocities throughout history.

This particular ideology has taken over the secular world by storm, essentially bullying anyone who dares to express religious beliefs out of the academic world, and making it extremely uncomfortable for non-academics besides.

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While this may seem to be a very bad thing for Christianity, it is arguably the best thing to happen to the Christian Church in the last century. The Church has been, and still is, in a state of lethargy and stagnation. The concepts that pass as theology and doctrine are deplorable, and the majority of people claiming to be Christian have no clear idea what that even means.

With the rise in aggressive anti-theism has come a reactionary boom in Apologetics, that is, the defense of Christian beliefs. The New Atheists are often more informed on the Bible and Christian doctrine and history than most Christians, and present a challenge to Christians to step up their game and become schooled in their own faith.

Since the academic and science worlds are dominated by people who are outspoken opponents of religious beliefs, confrontations with these people can be intimidating indeed. However, it is important to remember that, while there is nothing fundamentally incompatible between Christianity and Science/Philosophy, there are a number of things that Christianity explains better than Atheism

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