Josh McDowell on Defending the Bible

by Christy Tennant

To say that Josh McDowell is passionate about the truths of Scripture is a gross understatement. Defending the Christian faith through an examination of “the evidence” has been the primary focus of his ministry for forty-plus years. From churches to universities, in the U.S.. and overseas, McDowell engages skeptics and seekers alike, ready with strong, researched responses to the most difficult questions. McDowell admits that he has entertained so many questions that he is not often surprised. “I can’t think of a new question I’ve heard in ages. Probably one out of fifty questions takes a new or different slant. Most people have the same questions because they’re influenced by the same people’s opinions.” Whether in a recent popular novel, or in a philosophy class, they often begin by saying, “I heard somebody say,” or “I read in a book that,” and a familiar dialogue ensues.

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Perhaps the reason McDowell is so eager to engage with inquisitive young minds is that he is a former skeptic whose questions sent him on a truth-seeking mission resulting in conversion. As an undergraduate student, he was challenged by some fellow students and professors to investigate the claims of Christianity. He was sent on a life-altering trajectory toward becoming one of the twentieth century’s most influential evangelicals. “Prior to that, I thought the Bible was strictly a compilation by men written after the time of Christ, so far removed that it could not accurately portray what Jesus said or did,” he says.


 However, the more he studied and considered the historical and biblical evidence, the more convinced he became that the claims of Christianity were true. His conviction was so strong that he abandoned his plans for law school and went to seminary…

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