My Advice to Apologists (Part 2)

by Randy Everist

My first piece of advice to apologists concerned the idea of being an unwavering disciple of Jesus Christ. This article will focus on the conduit for attaining and maintaining this status. That conduit is a local church.

Now, I do not mean that every local church does everything correctly, or that somehow merely being a member of one will make things easier. Rather, I am suggesting that a healthy involvement in a local body of likeminded believers is an essential element of the life of the Christian mind. It’s certainly not perfect, but I can tell you that I have never seen a successful Christian apologist who virtually ignored his local church; every successful Christian apologist I have seen has been sincerely and seriously engaged in her local body of fellowship.

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Contrapositively, nearly every Christian-turned-atheist of whom I am aware had a deteriorating relationship with their local church (or some sin in their life which separated them from the local church). On the surface, this may seem exaggerated. After all, how would it follow from my church attendance record that I cease believing in God? Certainly, in one sense, it does not; one could hold to all of the truths of Christian theism and never set foot in a church. However, there is another sense in which local church involvement is vitally linked to one’s own faith…

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