Of Mermaids and God

by Sarah Abbey

Awhile back I amused to see that the BBC had a news story entitled, No evidence of mermaids, say US government. According to the article, a broadcast on mermaids, which was a work of fiction, was mistaken as a documentary. This led to people questioning if mermaids actually existed, and the National Ocean Service stating, “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” While mermaids have been a part of mythology across the centuries and in various cultures, they are nothing more than characters in ancient stories.

Of Mermaids and God

It hardly seems newsworthy to point out that there is no evidence of “aquatic humanoids.” Obviously they’re a work of fiction, a myth! Yet the more I thought about it the more I realized that this is the same way many people approach God’s existence – it’s outrageous. I can almost see an article saying, “No evidence of a Supernatural Being has ever been found.” He’s a myth that’s been passed down through the centuries. He’s just a character in an ancient story.

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But is this the case? Is there “no evidence of God?” Is the belief in God similar to the belief in a mythical aquatic humanoid?

Is There Evidence for God? Looking for the Clues

This question of God’s existence is critical for the Christian faith. If God does not exist, than Jesus was not God. And if Jesus was not God, then everything Christians believe about him, humanity, and the world is a lie. In the words of Tim Keller, How can we believe in Christianity if we don’t even know whether God exists?[1] Unlike the question about Mermaids, this is no laughing matter.

For all the assertions today that God does not exist, there is good evidence that says otherwise. There are strong clues, or “divine fingerprints,” which lead on to his existence[2] There are reasons to believe. Alister McGrath has said, “It can be affirmed with complete sincerity that belief in God is eminently reasonable and makes more sense of what we see in the world, discern in history, and experience in our lives than its alternatives.”[3] What are these clues? McGrath helpfully summarizes eight of those clues for us…

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