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This will be the first in an ongoing series of posts where I will share simple, practical, apologetics related tips. These are all about basic things you, as an ambassador of the Christian faith, can do to represent Jesus well. As I have no felt need to reinvent a perfectly functioning wheel I will borrow Stand To Reason’s definition of an effective Christian Ambassador as one who has Knowledge, Wisdom and Character. All of the tips that I will share in the future will fall under one or more of these categories to help you grow as a Christian ambassador.

An ambassador of a foreign nation has a mission to represent their country and its leader(s) well. As Christian ambassadors our job is the same for we know that our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20) and that Jesus is our King.

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Knowledge: Imagine an ambassador at the U.N. who knew hardly anything about his own country let alone the affairs of others outside of his own country, his lack of knowledge would be a disgrace to his country. It is essential that as an ambassador of Christ we know our own King well, his laws and commands and policies towards those who are not currently citizens. Furthermore it is important that as an ambassador we are familiar with the beliefs and cultural customs of those whom we are interacting with on behalf of our king. The more we know about where we are from, and those whom we are talking to, the more effective we can begin to build bridges.

Wisdom: Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge. Even a knowledgeable ambassador can still be ineffective if he doesn’t use what he knows in the appropriate way. This includes basic things like when to speak up and when to be quiet and listen. What information is relevant to share at this juncture and which would be superfluous. A wise ambassador knows not only what to say but also when and how to say it

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