The Big Thing About the Big Bang

by J Warner Wallace

I’ve had the privilege and honor of speaking at churches all over the country; and many have asked me to talk about the evidence for God’s existence. As part of this investigation, I invariably discuss the value of Big Bang Cosmology; but I do so with great respect for each group I address. You see, many of us, as Christians, are wary of the Big Bang because we connect it to a larger naturalistic paradigm. Some of us associate Big Bang Cosmology with the secular effort to account for the origin of the universe without the need for a Creator. Our pastors and Sunday School teachers have warned us about the Big Bang, and as a result, many of us are dismissive of the concept before we even examine what it proposes. But the most important aspect of the Big Bang is actually a key evidence for God’s existence. Big Bang Cosmology proposes that everything in the universe came from nothing at a fixed point in the distant past. This point of origin (a cosmological singularity) is entirely consistent with the Christian view of God’s creation as described in Genesis 1; the proposal that “everything came from nothing” is yet another evidence for God’s existence.

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Because I am sensitive to the reaction many Christians have when the Big Bang is presented as evidence for (rather than against) God’s existence, I typically begin by carefully delineating what I am not proposing or advocating. Although I accept the reasonable inference that “everything came from nothing”, I reject other naturalistic assertions that are sometimes associated with Big Bang Cosmology:

By Acknowledging the Big Bang, I Am Not Affirming Scientific Naturalism
While I recognize that science can assist us as we examine the physical world for evidence of God’s creative interaction (the same way an examination of a pot can tell us something about the potter), I reject the notion that all physical phenomena must be explained through purely natural laws, causes or forces. I can affirm that “everything came from nothing” without affirming Scientism or Philosophical Naturalism…

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