A Vision for Apologetics and The Necessity of Apologetics Missions

by Greg West

Apologetics training and education is as much of a vital ministry as any discipleship ministry and I’m thrilled to be a part of it—and especially thrilled to be partnered with Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance. One needs only to read the short article, Who’s Waiting for Your Kids at College?, and Ratio Christi’s Purpose Statement to understand how vital apologetics ministries is to making disciples and helping students and adults realize what it means to think biblically, hold a Christian worldview, and be more confident Christians and evangelists.

As a supported missionary with Ratio Christi, my duties go beyond editing and publishing articles on The Poached Egg and include taking apologetics into my local church and community—and anywhere else that will have me to speak on apologetics related topics.

Earlier last week I gave an apologetics based presentation and Bible study at a local homeless mission which was very well received and I was excited to be asked to come back to give another in the near future. I either lead or co-lead at least two 8 to 10 week apologetics courses per year to small groups at my church where I am also the ‘resident apologist’ on our pastor’s teaching team. Another recent exciting opportunity that I had was being invited to present at the annual Online Apologetics Conference, where I spoke on the need for community apologists (like myself) and how laymen can step up and equip themselves to help fulfill this great need. My duties also include being active in helping to establish Ratio Christ Student Apologetics clubs on area college campuses—our first main focus being Missouri State University, which boasts one of the largest student atheists clubs in the country (click on the link for a short video).

As you can see, these duties—which are also my passion, make up for more than a full time job, but until we reach full financial support, I’m obligated to continue working tentmaker style to help support my family and pay the bills. At the time of this writing, I am preparing to leave on a ten day out of state job with my former full time employer (I’m now on a job by job basis), LSC Kleen Aire, which will not only take away valuable time from day to day responsibilities that this ministry requires, but also precious time spent with my family as well.

Whenever I make an appeal for your financial support for this ministry, I’m not asking you to help provide for my family because God provides for my family’s needs and has never failed to do so. What I am asking for is for you to help support the ministry of The Poached Egg and Ratio Christi, something that I’m humbly and prayerfully confident that God is calling on people to do!

You might be thinking that in these financially difficult times the minimum special contribution or ongoing monthly contribution you could make could not possibly make a difference. If you are, then you’re not quite seeing the big picture. If a few people will step up and give a lot, and a lot of people will step up and give a little, then we will be able to reach our financial goals—both our immediate needs and what is needed for the expansion of this ministry beyond its current reach—in no time!

In the 16th century, one of my heroes of the faith, William Tyndale, had a vision that, “the boy that drives the plow” would have the same access to the scriptures that at the time was only available to an elite group of clergy and scholars. Tyndale needed the support of financial backers to be able to translate and print the Bibles that helped him make that goal a reality. My goal for apologetics is similar.

In today’s post-Christian culture that is increasingly hostile towards those who hold a Christian worldview, and where the majority of believers are sadly ill-equipped to make a firmly grounded stand in the midst of that hostility, my goal is that every church, student, pastor, teacher, missionary, and layman will have apologetics training available to them and that it will be easily accessible.

Greg and Brooke WestA couple of years ago, in the first apologetics course that I taught at my church, there was a couple in attendance who were preparing to enter the foreign missions field. When I asked why they were taking the course, they admitted that although they were confident in what they believed, they had no idea how to articulate why they believed beyond their personal beliefs and their own subjective experiences. This story is all too common, but through the ministries of The Poached Egg
and Ratio Christi, we’re out to change that.

I would like to personally invite you to help us do that by making your special or ongoing monthly contribution right now: CLICK HERE to go to our donation sign up page. In Jesus’ name, thank you so much to those who will do so and to those who are already doing so. Our goals cannot be realized without you!