The Poached Egg Chosen as One of the Top Six Online Apologetics Resources

by Greg West

We’re so thrilled and thankful to Jonathan Sherwin of the Demolition Squad at the UK website, Christian Vision for Men, for selecting The Poached Egg as one of their top six recommended online apologetics resources. I have to say that it is truly an honor and consider it no small compliment to have The Poached Egg listed among the other five which include, William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith; Ravi Zacharias International Ministries; and Brian Auten’s Apologetics 315 (click here to read the full article) as these are resources that we use and highly recommend as well.

The Poached Egg, which began as a humble little blog that I did in my spare time that received a handful of daily visits from my family and friends, has now grown into a full time ministry that now averages 3,000 page views a day and has reached nearly 1.5 million lifetime page views in in its relatively short time of existence. This is all the result of God’s generous grace and the burden he has given me to make disciples and evangelists through apologetics ministry and training, which I do offline in my community and church as well as being in strategic partnership with Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance.

Along with my family, we have made many sacrifices in time and finances to help this ministry get to where it is right now—recognized as being a viable and valuable ministry and resource by many leaders in the apologetics community. Dr. Holly Ordway, the chair of the Master of Arts in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University (whose faculty includes other apologists of note such as Michael Licona, Nancy Pearcy, and Lee Strobel) had this to say about TPE:

Greg West provides a valuable service for the Christian community with his website The Poached Egg. With so much content available online, it is easy for people to either be overwhelmed by it, or to remain entirely unaware of helpful resources. Greg’s work of content curation means that readers who are interested in apologetics can find consistently high-quality material for ministry, apologetics, and educational use. Furthermore, The Poached Egg helps to build community among Christian apologists, fostering a spirit of support and mutual encouragement in what is often a very challenging ministry field. Finally, Greg makes effective use of ‘apologetics in new media’ as he uses social media in effective ways to further the cause of Christ.

For TPE to continue to grow and expand its reach we need to increase our budget and staff, which is currently myself working full time on TPE in addition to a part time secular job, and my wonderful and truly awesome wife, Brooke helping me part time while working a full time secular job. Our biggest immediate need is to bring in enough financial support so that we both may be able to devote our full time to TPE as our full time jobs—and to accomplish this, we’re asking for your help.

I believe that God is calling people to help us financially to accomplish our vision, which put in the fewest words possible, is to help make disciples through apologetics training and education for every student, adult, church member, and new believer. I ask that right now you would prayerfully consider answering that call and please go to our donation page (here) a sign up to give a special gift or an ongoing monthly gift. No amount is too small—after all, Jesus multiplied a few fish and loaves of bread to feed 5,000. Your gift has the potential to help feed many more than that.


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