The Poached Egg Podcast: Interview With Christian Artist John Elefante


I’ve been a huge fan of recording artist, John Elefante ever since I  first listened to the album, Vinyl Confessions, by the rock group, Kansas, in 1982. John Elefante was Kansas’ lead vocalist and a contributing song writer for that album and two others which followed. John then went on to become a major record producer and solo artist in the contemporary Christian music scene. John is back with his latest solo album, On My Way to the Sun (follow the link to listen to samples)—if you like classic rock, progressive rock, great vocal harmonies, and music that lifts up the Lord, the you will definitely want to check out this record. Having been a huge fan of John’s work for so many years, it was a huge thrill and a real privilege to have the opportunity to interview him for this special ‘musical guest’ edition of The Poached Egg Podcast. Enjoy!

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John Elefante’s official website:

John Elefante on Twitter: @JohnElefante

John Elefante’s Facebook page

Listen to samples of John’s music on Amazon

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