Does Science Lead To Atheism?

Theology and Science in Dialogue

For the past few decades atheists have pushed the notion that the scientific worldview requires atheism. Much of this was based on a 1998 survey conducted by the National Academy of Sciences in which they reported “…conventional religious beliefs were quite rare among the members of that body [the National Academy of Sciences]” –Leading Scientists Still Reject God, Nature 394, no. 6691 (1998): 313.

Eugene A. Curry brings this topic to light in a recent article titled “Do the Polls Show That Science Leads To Atheism“, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, Vol. 65, No.2 (2013): 75-78. Curry rightly points out that “Truth is not defined by majority vote“. In fact, since the early part of the 20th Century some of the most significant scientific discoveries point towards a theistic worldview. Two of these discoveries include the

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discovery of the anthropic fine-tuning of physics and cosmology’s development of the Big Bang Theory, which has become “…a hallmark of theistic apologetics, breathing new life into Al-Ghazali’s Kalam argument” – Curry, Do the Polls Show That Science Leads To Atheism, 77.

So the big question is this: If recent major scientific discoveries have aided in supporting the theistic worldview, why are so many scientists in America atheists? Based on interviews with atheistic scientists it is more often the case that science did not lead them away from  religion, but rather “…their reasons for unbelief mirror the circumstances in which other Americans find themselves: They were not raised in a religious home; they have had bad experiences with religion; they disapprove of God or see God as too changeable…

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Does Science Lead To Atheism? | Theology and Science in Dialogue



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