Using Grace in Pro-Life Apologetics

by Melissa Cain Travis

I’ve been stewing over some thoughts for a couple of months now, waiting for the right time to finally post them here. Yesterday, an article was released on that gave me the last of the prodding I needed. Please take a few moments to read the article HERE.

Abortion is among the greater and more tragic evils of our time. I could spend thousands of words expressing my horror and sadness about the fact that nearly 4,000 pre-born babies per day (and that’s just in the United States) are intentionally killed for the sake of convenience. I want to be very, very clear on my view: the sanctity of life is a top issue in apologetics and I am incredibly thankful for all the men and women who are fighting for the pre-born in a myriad of ways, on the front lines and behind the scenes.

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However, articles such as the one I cited above show a glaring problem with the approach that is sometimes taken by pro-life advocates. The student who has been censured (and I am not commenting one way or another on the fairness of the consequences she is experiencing) was allegedly showing graphic abortion images in campus common areas, essentially forcing passers-by to see the gruesome photos.

Now, I totally get the student’s frustration with the widespread apathy the Christian community often exhibits towards abortion. I also understand that she was trying to employ a shock tactic  to open the eyes of her fellow students to a cause that absolutely should be of utmost importance to them. But as much as I empathize with her heart in this matter, I feel that her execution of pro-life apologetics was deeply flawed.

The Dean of Students stated, “We would agree to them displaying them [the images] in areas that are more enclosed where students can choose to see them.” I totally agree with the Dean on this one. Allow me to explain why…

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