Are Christians anti-intellectual?

by Sarah Abbey

One common objection formed against Christianity is the idea that Christians abandon intelligence and knowledge in favor of unreasonable, blind faith. If Christians really thought through and questioned what they believe they’d see that there is no intellectual basis for their faith. Yet instead of embracing reason, Christians choose to blindly cling to their beliefs, willfully disregarding knowledge in the process. This is a serious objection that deserves a thoughtful response.

Are Christians anti-intellectual? Do we sacrifice knowledge on the altar of blind faith?  As a Christian, how do I respond to these objections?

There is no denying that many Christians have refused to think through and question what they believe and why. Some have chosen to accept their faith blindly, Others have gone through the motions of questioning their beliefs and have chosen to walk away from Christianity, while still more have found that their faith grew stronger in the process of questioning.

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The real issue is not whether Christians have thought through their faith (and I firmly believe every Christian should!), but whether their faith rests upon a reliable truth. The truth and intelligence of Christianity does not rely upon the questioning of the Christian any more than the truth and intelligence of Atheism rests on the questions of the Atheist. Christianity does not stand or fall on the shoulders of ignorance or intelligence; all the honest questioning in the world will not change this fact: either God does or does not exist.

This means that the Christians’ ability to wrestle well with their faith should not be the determining factor in one’s rejection or acceptance of the Christian message.  There are people who ignorantly believe the truth, just as there are intelligent people who believe a lie. We must test the intellectual truth claims of Christianity itself to decipher whether they are true or false…

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