Atheism: Founded on Evidence or Emotion?

by Al Datum

I’ll admit that when I first began to study the evidence for and against Christianity several years ago, I made the assumption that there would be solid reasons for rejecting God.  I made that assumption because I had heard so often that the atheists were the better educated, the ones who had taken the time to look at the evidence, and had had the courage to follow it where it leads.

As a Christian, I was not happy about the prospect that God might not exist.  But as someone who values truth, I was devoted to learning what it was and following it regardless of the consequences.  So I began a personal study in which I read (something that continues today) extensively from both sides.  I learned about writers such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss and Daniel Dennett.  I checked out their books, listened to their lectures, and spoke to many people who had clothed themselves in the mantle of ‘atheist’.

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But I also acquainted myself with Christian thinkers such as Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias and JP Moreland.  I listened to their lectures (and, when possible, their debates).  I considered their arguments and reviewed their response to the new wave of atheism that has become so vocal in recent years.

It should come as no surprise that instead of my faith being weakened, it was strengthened far beyond what it was when I began.  At the beginning of my study, I was concerned that my belief was only in place because i was taught by my parents that God exists and that Jesus died for my sins.  But upon examination of the evidence and the rational argument (and let’s be honest, most atheists claim they don’t have to make a case for why they reject God, and they rarely are willing to even give it a try…that weighed heavily against their case, in my view), I found that virtually every shred of it fell squarely on the side of Biblical Theism.  Of course atheists would disagree with my conclusion, and I’ve spoken with many of them through the years who have said things like “that argument has been refuted!” (though, interestingly, none of them has been able to point to the refutation they claim exists).  But for me, there really was no question.  Evidence for God was and is undeniable…

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