Convince Me There’s A God: Archaeology

by Mark McGee

Journalists deal in facts – lots of them. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We snack on them at midnight. Facts, facts, and more facts! So, what can possibly convince an atheist journalist about the existence of God? Facts – and lots of them.

I found discussions with Christians about science interesting, but those about morality were a bit disturbing. I couldn’t see, hear or touch morality and there was no way to “test” creation theory in a laboratory. That’s why I liked it when we started talking about archaeology and the Bible. Archaeology was something I could sink my teeth into because it dealt with things I could see, touch and test.

One of the Christians I was talking with in early 1971 had just written a book about the Bible and archaeology and gave me a copy to read. The title is “The Philistines and the Old Testament.” It was part of the Baker Studies In Biblical Archaeology series (Dr. Edward E. Hindson, Baker Book House, 1971). I read through the book in a couple of days and was hungry to read more about archaeology and the Bible. I was fascinated by the “facts” available to anyone who wanted to test the Bible to see if what it said about ancient people was true.

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One of the things I found most interesting was how archaeological finds about ancient peoples matched amazingly well with the ancient writings in the Bible. The Philistines are mentioned more than 200 times in the Bible’s Old Testament and what’s written there is supported by many archaeological finds.

Some of the excavation sites discovered by 1971 included Ashkelon, Ashod, Ekron, Gath, Beth-shan, Beth-shemesh, Beth-pelet (Tell Fara), Gerar, and Gezer. Other Philistine finds included Megiddo, Beth-zur, Bethel, and Tell en-Nasbeth. What was found at the sites is important to understanding the connection between the Philistines and ancient Hebrews…

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