God Is Not Threatened by Your Honest Questions

by Dr. Michael Brown

There’s a reason we have books like Job and Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

God is not threatened by our honest questions, especially when it is our faith in His goodness that causes us to ask those questions. In fact, if the questions come from a sincere heart, He welcomes them.

After all, if you don’t believe God exists, you won’t have questions about why He allows so much suffering and pain. In the mind of an atheist, God is not even there, and so He can’t be responsible for either good or evil.

Of course, suffering and pain are still a massive problem for an atheist. They’re just not an overtly theological problem.

But if you believe God exists and understand Him to be all-good, all-powerful and all-knowing, then it’s very possible (or even probable) that you will have some serious and difficult faith questions at some point (or points) during your walk with Him.

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Do you think He is insensitive to your faith struggles? Do you think He scorns you for daring to question Him out of a broken heart? Doesn’t the Word tell us that “He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Ps. 103:14)?

It is true that many Christian leaders seem threatened by difficult questions. Perhaps they don’t know how to answer them. Perhaps they are insecure in their own faith. Perhaps they perceive such questions to be dangerous. Perhaps they take your honest questions to be a direct challenge to their authority. (I encourage every pastor and leader reading this article to minister out of a place of deep security in God and your calling. It will avoid a lot of casualties among your people, not to mention avoiding many unnecessary splits.)

To be totally candid with you, I virtually never go through faith struggles—meaning, struggles about God’s existence or goodness or questions about the truth of the gospel—but my wife, Nancy, came to faith as a hardcore atheist in 1974 (we were both 19 when we met, shortly before she became a believer), and she has sensitized me to the agonizing faith struggles that some people endure…

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God Is Not Threatened by Your Honest Questions



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