Question: Apologetics for Beginners

by Steven Dunn



[ … ], I have some questions regarding time to study a subject; I have found that there is a lot to learn, I mean a lot!!! and I am many times frustrated because I can’t answer every objection, or am not well equipped in engaging and answering skeptics as well as my own questions. I have so many questions. What tips can you give me to study apologetics well for a beginner? and a teenager I have like an obsession of finding answers in the internet and when I saw some atheists websites I fear and I feel depressive when non-Christians insult me name calling or get sad because they insult Christianity and God… any tips!?

Hello Matt and thank you for your question!

I myself started getting involved in apologetics just before I turned 16. I was an atheist for the most part of my teen years (starting at 10), and then finally became a theist by the arguments that were presented to me in a young-earth creationist book [1] given to me by my brother. I later became unbelievably interested in evolution and the question of origins, constantly watching videos on YouTube from Ray Comfort’s ministry The Way of the Master. Then, I came across predominant Oxford Biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins and his book, The God Delusion [2] – the first book I ever purchased.

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In terms of addressing the arguments that were presented in the book, especially the ones that were given to me just from my experience in school, I found myself quite irritated and ill-equipped in the sense that I couldn’t address the questions like I wanted to. So, with respect to the attitude I tried to frame and adopt in terms of apologetics and the “tough questions”, I do think I can pass over some “fresh” advice to a fellow believer who is experiencing the same problems I once did.

Adopting a Socratic Attitude

In regards to the tough questions that I couldn’t answer in philosophy, theology,  science, and even of the ones to which I was unable to answer adequately from my friends at school, I simply tried to convince myself that there were answers to these questions. In other words, in regards to whether or not God existed, there was in fact a moment of creation, or the Bible is the Word of God, I simply told myself that there were answers to these questions and more importantly that I could know them. Now, it is of course possible that in respect to reality, the universe, God, or what have you, that the answer to those questions might be “we just don’t know”, but I didn’t want to think like that; so as to adopt some kind of a mystic attitude. I appealed to philosophers and theologians for a proper understanding of obtaining truth.

It is that motivation, to know truth, that I began my study in apologetics…

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