Stupid for Jesus is Still Stupid

by Pastor Matt Rawlings

A few years ago a woman who I really like was on a talk show hosted by a hostile secularist and she said something akin to “If evolution is true, why are there still monkeys!”  It reminded me of my colleague Jeff Ventrella’s line, “Stupid for Jesus is still stupid.”

I am NOT a Darwinist by any stretch of the imagination (and reading Stephen C. Meyer’s incredible new book Darwin’s Doubt has only confirmed my belief) but it was clear that the sweet lady on the talk show did not understand the theory of evolution.  The theory (a key term) teaches that all species as we know them are the product of advantageous mutations over a long, long, long period of time.  In other words, a creature is born with a mutation that gives the creature a better chance at surviving the particular climate.  The lucky mutant then procreates and passes on its mutant gene to its offspring, which eventually produces other mutations and eventually produces a whole new species.  The species from which the mutant was spawned may still exist (hence, the existence of monkeys has nothing to say about the existence of other primates).

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As an aside, evolutionists have largely abandoned the idea of a pure transitional creature because it dawned on them that such a being would actually be less likely to survive.  For example, if an animal has neither an arm or wing but something in-between it probably is more susceptible to attack by a predator for what can you do with a useless appendage?

Back to my point, many Christians do not take the time to truly learn the position of their opponents–this is a mistake.  The quickest way to lose the necessary trust and respect of a person you are in dialogue with or a spectator is to demonstrate such ignorance of their own worldview that you appear embarrassingly backward…

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