The Problem of the Hiddenness of God

By Daniel Edward

What’s the Problem?

What is the problem of the hiddenness of God? Critics would say that if God existed He would reveal Himself in a more consistent and obvious fashion. In this way those who would be interested in exercising faith in God would have a proverbial leg to stand on. Imagine, if you would, God popping up all over the place on a frequent basis, and revealing Himself in a manner such that no one could truly refute His existence. This in itself may pose a separate problem that might be referred to as: the problem of persistent divine revelation. In this article I will take a look at both proposed problems.

The Problem of the Hiddenness of God

Loosely, the problem of the hiddenness of God may be broken down into the following argument:

  1. If God exists He would make His existence blatant.
  2. God does not make His existence blatant.
  3. God does not exist.
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Not unlike the majority of theological arguments floating around the above argument makes at least one glaring assumption: God does not make His existence blatant. A second assumption that could be garnered from the above problem is that people (in general) would believe and choose to trust in God if He did make His existence blatant. Let us look at some historic examples where God chose to use persistent divine revelation, and the outcomes of such.

The first example that comes to mind is the events by which the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt in the book of Exodus. The Hebrew slaves by and large started off with a belief in God; a presupposition for certain, but one that speaks to how cold we are to believing in God’s existence, or authority. Moses brought ten plagues on the Egyptians for not letting the Hebrew people go out of the land of Egypt. God enacted these plagues through Moses – a clear showing of the power of God, and a blatant sign that God not only exists, but is active. Surely this must have sealed the faith of the Hebrews after having witnessed such evidence of God’s existence. Alas, this was not the case…

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