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Biblical Archaeology QuotesI know of no finding in archaeology that’s properly confirmed which is in opposition to the Scriptures. The Bible is the most accurate history textbook the world has ever seen. —Dr. Clifford Wilson

Biblical Archaeology QuotesWhile many have doubted the accuracy of the Bible, time and continued research have consistently demonstrated that the Word of God is better informed than its critics. In fact, while thousands of finds from the ancient world support in broad outline and often in detail the biblical picture, not one incontrovertible find has ever contradicted the Bible.Norman Geisler

Biblical Archaeology QuotesIt may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference. Scores of archaeological findings have been made which confirm in clear outline or exact detail historical statements in the Bible. And, by the same token, proper evaluation of Biblical description has often led to amazing discoveries. —Dr. Nelson Glueck

Biblical Archaeology QuotesArchaeology has confirmed countless passages which have been rejected by critics as unhistorical or contradictory to known facts……Yet archaeological discoveries have shown that these critical charges…..are wrong and that the Bible is trustworthy in the very statements which have been set aside as untrustworthy…..We do not know of any cases where the Bible has been proved wrong.—Dr. Joseph P. Free

Biblical Archaeology QuotesI set out to look for truth on the borderland where Greece and Asia meet, and found it there. You may press the words of Luke in a degree beyond any other historian’s and they stand the keenest scrutiny and the hardest treatment. —Sir William Ramsey


The Archaeological Study BibleThe Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture

The Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the BibleThe Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the Bible

Jesus and His WorldJesus and His World: The Archaeological Evidence

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