Defending the Faith: “That’s True for You, But Not For Me.”

by Matt Rawlings

The following are notes from the first in a year long sermon series on common objections to the Christian faith.  Why preach on what is known as “apologetics” instead of just doing what I normally do, which is preach verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible? The last twenty years has seen a rise of atheism from 8% to 15%.  I have also discovered over the last 15 years of ministry that the number one reason people leave the faith and one of the top three reasons people don’t share the Gospel is because they don’t know how to handle these objections.  So, I am tired of watching people leave the Body or stand impotent in the face of opposition.

One objection I often hear is, “Something may be true for you but not for me.”  This is a variation of the “there is no truth only opinion, so you can’t push your so-called truth on me!”

The problem with this objection is (1) it is logically incoherent and (2) the person who makes the objection is not willing to actually live that way.

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Philosopher Paul Copan offers the following response to this objection: “You assume the following statement is universally true: ‘Something can be true for one person and not for another.’ But you believe it applies to everyone’s beliefs except yours. If your statement is only true for you, then I see no reason to think it applies to me.” In other words, the objection doesn’t make any sense.

The objection is largely based in the academic work of Michele Foucault and Sigmund Freud.  Foucault argued all truth statements are just power plays and Freud argued all truth statements are just projections.  The problem is that Foucault’s statement can viewed as a power play and Freud may be projecting!  Their arguments collapse upon themselves…

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Defending the Faith: “That’s True for You, But Not For Me.” | Pastor Matt



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