How should a Christian view logic?

Question: “How should a Christian view logic?”

Answer: Logic is the science of deriving truth through the analysis of facts either directly (deductively) or indirectly (inductively). Logic takes given presuppositions, analyzes relationships, compares them with other known factors, and arrives at a conclusion that identifies a previously unknown fact. Logic is math with ideas instead of numbers. It is a way of identifying the relationships between ideas.

Logic appears to be one of the natural laws God put into place at the creation of the universe. Then, God created mankind with a mind and the ability to reason. Being a creation of God, logic is a good thing which, when used properly, can point us toward God.

Unfortunately, it is easy to use logic incorrectly.

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The science of logic deals with the relational formulae of ideas. Like numbers in math, ideas can be plugged into formulae that show their relationships with other ideas. It is beneficial to understand the basics of these formulae. Modern arguments are often saturated with emotion, which can stymie conversation and preclude a useful resolution. Passion can impede the path to truth. Often, truth is hidden by what is known as fallacy—argumentation based on false logic and erroneous reasoning. Fallacy is a bullying tactic, and it doesn’t lend itself to profitable discussion.

Logic in a practical sense includes both the formulae and the facts. The formulae provide the relationships, but there must be basic ideas available for the formulae to analyze. Although relativism chips away at even the most basic assumptions, most people still rely on empirical evidence—data they accumulate through their senses. Most people are confident making statements such as “I exist” and “the table exists.” Logic takes such data and derives further truth. “Anything that has a beginning must have been made by something else” is a logically deduced statement. Further analysis leads to more complex truths…

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How should a Christian view logic?



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