I love opportunities to question, think and learn. I have spent most of my life in church, but by my midlife I realized so much I heard from pulpits was subjective, and one or two verse sermons that did not seem in context. I read the Old Testament, but I knew something was missing because I did not have a cohesive knowledge and understanding. People quote scriptures all the time to apply to their circumstances that taken in context have meaning to a certain people at a certain time in their history.

That is where an acquaintance who himself was hungry began in depth study and has taught faithfully Bible History and Jewish culture that opened my eyes to a fuller understanding of the cohesive nature and purpose of His Story. That knowledge is life and the foundation that sustains me when life does not make sense.

I want an honest thinking faith and in a lot of evangelical circles that is not the norm. We have to be willing to hear one another even when we disagree and weigh prayerfully what is true.

I think we become a private club where we all have to say the same thing and think the same. Most people like that because then they feel they have pleased God and that often leads to an unstable foundation because they have little knowledge of Him and his purpose. —Shirley Riley (comment on our  Facebook page)

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