Militant Atheists and the ‘Other’ Holocausts

Where Are the New Atheists Leading Us?

By Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

In a letter that General Dwight Eisenhower wrote to General George Marshall on April 15, 1945, he described some of the horrors he saw in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. He indicated that it was necessary to preserve the evidence so that, “if ever, in the future, there develops the tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda.’”

There is much documentation and evidence of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, but there are more “holocausts” that also need to be remembered and documented. These were holocausts perpetrated by militant atheists in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and more throughout the 20th Century.  A group of scholars and film-makers are currently getting ready to produce a documentary, Martyred in the USSR-Militant Atheism in the Former USSR , on one such holocaust.

In addition to preserving the testimony of still-living eyewitnesses so that no one can say it is just propaganda, this documentary should help to educate a new group of atheists that are leaning in a dangerous direction. I am referring to the “new atheism movement” led by academics like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens, who are currently making their mark on western universities. Their challenge forcing religious believers to give evidence for the veracity of their beliefs is much needed. However, since man is a political animal, the drive toward a utopian culture of “reason” could lead to the same outcome the world experienced with Soviet Russia and Communist China if we are not careful. That is what scares me the most!

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To think that that any group today would desire atrocities on a scale with the Holocaust is unthinkable, but maybe it is time to wake up from our slumber and evaluate the disparaging language and personal animosity being propagated by these new atheists and their followers.[1] Their religion is scientism, and their orthodoxy is materialistic naturalism, creating striking similarities to the USSR’s militant atheists.  They are a ‘cult of reason’, but reason is narrowly defined to mean materialistic empiricism. Their main targets for evangelism are students at the universities and uncritical internet followers, and it is with great evangelistic zeal that they try to convince people that God doesn’t exist and that atheism alone is reasonable.[2] Since eventually a nation’s philosophy will dictate a nation’s laws and actions, the outcome of their effort is a very serious issue.

In today’s universities, even well-reasoned arguments and the presentation of evidence for the existence of God, the historical reliability of the New Testament, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ are treated with intolerance and contempt. From those who preach tolerance and academic freedom as the highest virtues, the hostility these ‘scholars’ exhibit toward Christianity seems like the epitome of hypocrisy…

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