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I’m writing this article on the spur of the moment after having searched the internet for how the debate between Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig went. Last week when this debate happened, I saw William Lane Craig post on his Facebook page that Krauss was hitting a buzzer when he heard something he disagreed with from Craig. Apparently Krauss has resorted to playing games that we’d play in 3rd grade to tick off our fellow students in front of the class. However, that is what initiated my search of the internet to see if I could find a video of the debate. Unfortunately, the venue hasn’t yet released the video but it sounds like they will soon be releasing it for public viewing sometime next week.

While there wasn’t a video to be seen online, there were some reviews of the debate conducted by those that were present. To my surprise, Krauss was deemed as the victor by most of the reviewers. This was odd to me at first given how dominant Craig was in his debate with Krauss in 2011. Nonetheless, I’ve heard of stranger things happening. Until I started reading a common thread among all of the reviews, which was that Krauss was “in control” of the debate while Craig wasn’t making “a strong case” for Christianity. Huh? If anyone else is as familiar with Craig’s work as I am, does it sound characteristic of Craig NOT to provide a “strong case” for Christianity? Absolutely not.

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While this thread was consistent in many of the reviews, it was also consistently said that Krauss was overbearing, disrespectful, and issued multitudes of personal attacks against Craig and all believers in God. Like I said in the first paragraph, Krauss resorted to buzzing Craig while he was talking. Is this type of behavior reflective of someone who wants to have a sincere and honest debate? Absolutely not. This is coming from a man who is trying to win the audience by attempting to act comical, which he hopes will throw Craig off his path towards having an intellectual debate.

For instance, I had a discussion with an atheist relative of mine a couple of weeks ago on whether God exists. Instead of having a civilized discussion, she turned the conversation into a mockery of both her worldview and mine. She failed to take any of the evidence seriously for theism and denied that any evidence could exist that would lead anyone to an evidence-based faith in any God…

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