Three Steps to Becoming a Lifelong Learner

by J Warner Wallace

Whenever I talk about becoming a “One Dollar Apologist,” I immediately think about the importance of being a lifelong learner. Christian Case Makers are leaders; we lead people to the truth and help guide them through the skeptical minefields of the culture. Leaders must, by definition, lead; we have to be a few steps ahead of the folks we hope to escort to the truth, and every leader must also be willing to be led. The best leaders are also conscientious followers (see Matthew 8:5-9 for the excellent example of the centurion). If you ever hope to become a good Christian Case Maker, you’re going to need to become a good learner, submitting to the leadership and wisdom of the many case makers who have preceded you. Here are three truths that may help you accomplish that goal:

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Become a Lifelong Coach
Nothing is more likely to motivate you as a learner than being tasked with an opportunity to teach and train. When you know you’ve got to teach a particular subject, you are far more likely to master the necessary material, and once you’ve coached others, you’re far less likely to forget what you had to learn. Start looking for opportunities to teach and coach. Volunteer at your local church, open your home to your church’s youth group, start a small Bible study; get in the game. Consistent opportunities to teach produce teachers and coaches who are constantly researching in preparation for the next lesson.

Become a Lifelong Collector
Lifelong learners are lovers and collectors of resources. I eventually had to give over an entire room at my home to my collection of books and videos. Most good Christian Case Makers I know are unashamed book hoarders…

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